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Duracell Batteries Might Affect the Performance of Your Soap Dispenser

on Nov 13, 2016 in Uncategorized

The one thing YUYO has been thankful for are our passionate customers. Recently, we worked with several of them who reported that their soap dispensers did not work “out of the box.” While we were not able to immediately pinpoint the exact reason why, one of our customers mentioned that he tried a different brand of battery, which solved his problem. So we wanted to try different batteries and report our findings to you.

The customers we worked with had one thing in common. They had used Duracell Copper Top or Duracell Quantum batteries. We put this to the test and found the following:

  • Duracell Copper Top – While this battery was the problem for the customers we spoke with, our test units worked fine. So the results with this battery are mixed at best.
  • Duracell Quantum – This battery did not work with our test units.
  • Energizer Max – This battery worked in our test units.
  • Energizer Eco Advanced – This battery worked in our test units.
  • Energizer Ultimate Lithium – This battery worked in our test units.
  • RAYOVAC – This battery worked with our test units.
  • RAYOVAC Fusion – This battery worked with our test units.

So what do we make of all of this? Well we had a small sample size of 10 units so that does not make this a definitive test. Nonetheless the results were hard to ignore. Our conclusion is as follows:

If you are using fresh Duracell Copper Top batteries and your dispenser does not work at all, please try a different brand such as Energizer. Avoid Duracell Quantum. If that does not resolve the problem, please contact us immediately to provide us with more information.

At YUYO, we pride ourselves in providing top-notch customer service and we will do what it takes to make sure you are satisfied!