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How To Set Up Your YUYO Automatic Soap Dispenser

on Sep 8, 2016 in Products

The following video will help you set up your YUYO Automatic Soap Dispenser. As always, if you have any questions, please fill out the contact form or email us at

Step 1: Insert 4 AAA Batteries into the Battery Compartment, which is located on the bottom of the unit.

Step 2: Remove the refill cap and pour in your favorite dish soap, hand soap or hand sanitizer. Keep in mind, our dispenser only works with liquid hand or dish soap that is not of the foaming variety, and does not contain micro-beads, which could clog your dispenser.

Step 3: Turn the automatic soap dispenser on by choosing from two dispenser settings. Position 1 dispenses a half millisecond of liquid and Position 2 dispenses 1 millisecond of liquid. Experiment with each setting to find the one that works best for you.

NOTE: This dispenser may also be used with liquid hand sanitizers that contain a low concentration of alcohol (some alcohol-based liquid hand sanitizers vary the amount of alcohol from 60 to 95 percent). A high concentration of alcohol could possibly corrode the dispenser’s electronic components.

1. Place the dispenser on a dry, level surface.
2. Do not place the dispenser above a mirrored surface or near running water as this could falsely trigger the sensor.
3. The dispenser is for Indoor Use Only. Exposure to direct sunlight may potentially damage the sensor system.
4. Keep this product away from wet surfaces, as the battery compartment is located on the bottom of the dispenser.
5. Do not immerse the dispenser in water, as it is not waterproof.
6. If you do not plan to use the dispenser for an extended period of time. empty the dispenser tank, remove the batteries, and store the dispenser in a dry place.